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Konferencja naukowa "Different Ethics is Possible" 22-23.05.2017


Different Ethics is Possible.

On Emancipating Potential of Contemporary Art and Technology

Conference program

Venue: room 104, Institute of Philosophy, Koszarowa 3, Wrocław

May 22 – Monday (DAY I)

 Morning Session (10:00-12:20)

10:00-10:20 NOWAK W. Andrzej Forgotten Future  – J.D. Bernal and its Retrotopia

10:20-10:40  ABRISZEWSKI KrzysztofEthics of Dreams and Ideology of Garbage

10:40-11:00 Discussion

 11:00-11:20 Morning Tea

11:20-11:40 BANDURA, Agnieszka  The Remake of Poiesis in Art and Aesthetics

11:40-12:00 MARCINÓW Teresa,  Creative Thinking in Technology

12:00-12.20 Discussion

Lunch Break (12:20-14:00)

14:00-14:20 BOVE Geoff, Ethics and the two automata

14:20-14:40 KOROBCZAK Paweł  There is no need of Different Ethics

14:40-15:30 Discussion

May 23 – Tuesday (DAY II)

Morning Session (10:00-12:20)

10:00-10:20 GÜNSOY, Funda – TUROWSKI, Mariusz  Evil, Violence and The Impossible Morality of The State

 10:20-10:40 KARDES Ertan  The Category of Justice in the Thought of Walter Benjamin

10:40-11:20 Discussion

11:20-11:40 Morning Tea‘

11:40-12:00 ZABOKRZYCKA, Karolina  Martin Heidegger′s Concepts of Art and of Technology

12:00 -12:20 KOSTYSZAK  Maria Nonantagonistic  Relation Between Art and Technology

12:40-13:00 Discussion

Lunch Break (13:00-14:30)

14:30 -15:30 Afternoon Tea Discussion and Concluding Statements

“Different Ethics” signifies  here mainly postidealistic, not anthropocentric and  not exclusive type of ethical practice. There are two assumptions concerning ethics that we would like to foster during the conference. The first one gives priority to the so called “care ethics” (Martha Nussbaum, Nel Noddings), the second assumption defines it as “creating the discourse on morality”(Krzysztof Abriszewski, on basis of ANT theory, proposes “creating a narrative on morality”).  “Discourse” is understood here as interdependence of theory and practice, thus we propose as one of the purposes of the conference to deliberate  on connections between poesis and techne.  It could prepare the chance to open the possibility of not dualistic grasp of relation between art and technology today. Their dynamic interdependence becomes more evident due to nonantagonistic narrative about them. Theoretical tools of philosophy of difference allow to expose emancipating potentiality in these allegedly divergent fields (art and technology). Potentiality concerns mainly emancipation to relational approach in theory and practice. The whole spectrum of relations should be taken into account: relations between humans and nonhumans (B. Latour’s distinction covering animals, machines etc.), relation between humanity and the so called “nature”, between present and future generations (in some interpretations we may be considered as the thieves of our descendants). Emancipating potential may be interpreted in both directions: emancipation from what, and to what. Analyses of chosen examples of artistic creativity and of technological inventiveness may be presented to contribute to construction of the discourse on morality.

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